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Through discussions and interviews with the worlds leading experts in human sexuality, psychology, animal behavior, genetics and behavioral studies, they explain in clear and actionable terms precisely what men need to know about sex, dating, relationships, and women, ... This show is intended to awaken your natural abilities to become a super human charmer.Dating Up Date is a weekly podcast produced by Dating By exponentially enhancing your ability to charm and be more authentic you will be able to swoon women in the most natural way.Each week on the podcast, I’ll be interviewing the world’s top experts in attraction, dating, communication, sex, and relationships, as well as coaching real women LIVE, through their real life dating challenges… Who actually says they’re in a relationship anymore?Which is why former MTV News producer/serial dater, Natasha Chandel, and cool guests, break down the dating world and try to answer the proverbial question: why do we all have commitment issues?!Date/able is a podcast that opens up a candid conversation about modern dating.On every episode, we hear real stories from real people of how they make dating work (or not).This event offers a unique opportunity to meet the team behind Downtown Radio, Downtown Country and Cool FM, getting an overview of the stations, delving deeper into the listenership figures to better understand the various audiences reached and hearing the new sounds of the stations.The panel, including, commercial director, Simon Mann; programme controller; Stuart Robinson; and head of news, Nigel Gould; will discuss how PR professionals can engage and collaborate with the stations.

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The Mating Grounds Podcast is a collaboration between #1 bestselling author, Tucker Max, and renowned evolutionary psychologist, Professor Geoffrey Miller, to teach men how to be successful with women, dating and relationships. We’ll explore the whole dating spectrum from pick-up artists to conservative dating authorities to lear ...Then tune in to national bestselling author and licensed minister, Kim Brooks' show based off the title of her newest book, "How to Date and Stay Saved." This show shares free tips from her book and interviews singles experts and well-known personalities about Christian Singles issues, Christian Dating and today's single Chr ...As the title suggests, this podcast is all about conversations host Ndidi Lalita has with guys about dating while sharing a delicious bag of fries.Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, and guys in bars about where love, dating and sex meets technology.The show tells the stories about relationships often blurring the lines between memoir, documentary, and fiction.

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