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We corrosponded for two years in total and 70 send and 70 recieved letters on anastasiadate in this period of time.

After 1 year we meet on a fantastic date in kiev and i only last two houres since she had to work. But we both agree everything was fantastic and very funny date.

She never arrived on the due date and then I received a phone call from a 'doctor' in Ghana who said that she had been in an accident on the way to the airport. View scammer's photos Name: Cassey Green Aka: unknown Age: 30 Location: United States Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected]: unknown On web sites: Google hangouts, Report: I received a fake email from her making me believe she was a real person to meet up with for a date then she asked me to verify by website and credit card information to verify I was a real person which I did not do.

When I refused to pay for her hospital bills all communication ceased.

Well i dont belive that since I saw how he touch her face and seem extremly happy ect.. Later i found out olga is EVERYWHERE on most dating websites and pretty much on all dating websites about russian/ukraine girls, from ukraine - hongkong and also escort websites.

Said she lived in TN, but had a business selling fabric and was in Nigeria checking on shipment that had been held there.

and I asked her every 3-4 weeks when she had time to meet me again.

To make the story short then we spoke together 1 time every week until spring the next year and then I had become tired of the corropondance since she never answer my question and felt like she was hiding something.

To be honest I want to belive olga is serious/real, but I also see on instagram she write a comment to a photo with a pancake house..

( my boyfriend tell me that bla bla bla ) Dont know if she have a boyfriend but she is extremly attractive so very plausible.

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