Bristol wine tasting dating

Whether it was the grim winter weather or the thought of using ones limited French that made people a bit shy of coming to the January social evening, the result was a small but select number gathering for what was to be a fun evening of games organised by Richard Smart.

It started with a fiendishly difficult word-search as we arrived, followed by one of Peter Dodds famous twinning quizzes, then a choice of card games such as French Happy Families, Menteur, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit in French, and a new game called Brexit, in which each time you get a losing hand, you take on a letter in the word BREXIT, and the first person to spell BREXIT is the loser.

The next day, Tuesday, was Market Day, so we were given an exhaustive tour of all the stalls, with quite a lot of samplings of the local produce.Those vegetables were incorporated into the filling for samosas, which we then attempted to construct from strips of Brick (a bit like Filo pastry) with some difficulty and great hilarity.She then cooked chicken in heavily reduced cream, with parsnips and swede, and apple tarts. We then ate the beautifully presented meal, washed down with Normandy cider. shopping) then in the afternoon we visited a multi-media Centre, the Mdiathque, of which the town is justly proud.The evening concluded with characteristic Belgian fare: waffles, frites with mayonnaise and Belgian beer.That morning, Lieven had spoken to about 300 children at St Nicolas School, answering their many questions.

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