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Charles wrote Griselda a heartfelt letter, and although he didn’t expect a response from her, he got one.They wrote back and forth for a year, and Charles went to see her in person (1992).se urasc intre ei…O situație de vis pentru un film documentar, imposibil de reprodus in alta parte, imposibil de ratat, ba chiar si de imaginat, intr-atât mustește de potențiale clișee primejdioase… Wendy Cosby was more than the star of Cocaine Cowboys 2. It’s amazing that she was not only a woman who was able to keep up with her male counterparts, but surpass them in many cases.When she came out to visitation, she was dressed to the hilt in a bright red suit with red pumps, while every other inmate was dressed in khaki.Griselda, at 50 years old, looked more like a socialite than an inmate.Griselda was a caring, generous, beautiful woman, and Charles fell in love with the woman behind the image.

Michael, who grew close to Charles when he was dating his Mother, looks to Charles as a father figure.Charles was 10 years older than Michael and 3 years younger than Oswaldo, but they were like brothers. Charles met a woman named Amber in the visiting room of the prison. When Griselda found out (she was still incarcerated), Charles was attacked with 12 warning shots which were intended to end his life.Oddly, it made Griselda and Charles closer, and made Charles realize how much Griselda loved him. Although speculation is that Charles rolled on her, he says that if his goal was to have her incarcerated, there were crimes he knew about that would have put her away for life, he didn’t have to expose a kidnapping plan.Six years later, Charles met a Panamanian lady who had worked for Griselda in the past.After striking up a conversation, Charles convinced her to make the introduction to Griselda in prison.

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