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Examples of this include neglect of female children in preference of males, as well as dowry related murder where female in-laws kill women due to dowry disputes.Moreover, COST Action 1206 provides definitions of femicide.

Depending on the definition, femicide can also include deaths as a result of female genital mutilation, the intentional spreading of HIV/AIDS, and the unsafe abortions in countries where access to abortion is stymied or illegal.

Proponents of the term [femicide] claim that using "gendercide" benefits patriarchal power structures by preventing women from naming the violence specifically used against them and recognizing the various forms it can take.

They also claim that using "gendercide" points to the largely taboo nature of femicide.

Any act of sexual terrorism that results in death is considered a femicide.

This includes forms of covert femicide as well, such as criminalization of abortion that leads to death from unsafe abortions, or death as a result of female genital mutilation.

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