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He didn’t want to be a man–he wanted to be a big baby, free of any responsibilities.” Tessa was nodding her head slowly in understanding.“That was when I decided to give him just what he wanted–a nursery fit for a big sissy baby–all of it being paid for with his credit cards, of course.Finally, he had all the soft, fluffy diapers and sissy outfits he ever wanted, but no way to satisfy himself,” Stephanie chuckled. But after one orgasm, its right back into his chastity cage for another month.“Now I leave the keys at work so there’s no chance he can get out unless I decide.” Tessa clapped her hands and giggled with glee. “Last time, he got sassy with me so I added another month to his lock up time.” Tessa smiled with admiration and satisfaction. ” she suddenly asked, the realization hitting her that the situation being described hardly sounded mutually satisfying. Once Conrad got his nursery–I immediately started dating other men.“Come in, come in,” Stephanie said, keeping her voice purposely low, “He’s taking his nap now, so he has no idea you’re here.” Tessa, tall, brunette, and very pretty, strode through the front door, being careful not to let her high heels click too loudly on the wooden parquet floor.Her figure-hugging skirt looked sexy, yet businesslike, and her fitted top revealed that she was a woman that men looked twice, and then three times at. ” she asked incredulously, still not quite prepared to believe what her new friend had told her.

“We’ll talk in the dining room,” she told her new friend quietly.

Sometime during his nap, he had pushed the baby blankets aside, and he lay there now, peacefully sucking his thumb in slumber.

Tessa stifled a giggle as she looked down on the prone form of her former boyfriend.

He was wearing a fuzzy white and pink, short-sleeved, fleece top that came down just past his navel, but what really grabbed her attention were the bulging fat diapers and colorful nursery print plastic panties now fully exposed around his hips.

He looked every part the innocent baby toddler, soundly asleep with his pretty pampers humiliatingly revealed.

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