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Therefore, why not make your site look older by posting a few dozen or a few hundred articles with dates scattered across the previous months or years? What they care about is the age of your site as a whole.

They care about monitoring your actions over the course of the lifespan of your site.

If that first index date is significantly later than the date of the original content, the original content doesn’t suffer at all.

It’s one of the ways Google has managed to ignore content thieves.

However, backdating a piece of content here is largely detrimental.

Users tend to look for more recent content, trusting it to have more recent, valuable opinions.

By backdating the content on a brand new site, you may be able to trick users into thinking your site has been around for a while, hidden in a place they never saw it.You may have an archive of data, but the post dates are somehow lost in the translation.You have to manually upload your posts again, and the problem is, every post is now dated with the time you uploaded the replacement post.It’s very rare that you have to manually repost any content, unless you’re performing the migration incorrectly in some way. One of the factors for SEO, in every realm, is age.On a similar note, there’s also the instance where you future-date an old article to a date that is still in the past, but more recent. Older sites with older posts tend to be ranked higher. Google and the other search engines don’t necessarily care that your post was posted two years ago.

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