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All of this took place with three people on board, with only one who was close to FAA normal male weight, and about 3/4 fuel.

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The flight handling characteristics are just so solid.

I cant even tell you how wonderful of an airplane it is. But I will say I was very happy and I cant wait to really start building one. Its very hard to stall the plane and, when it does, you need very little control input to recover. Weather was typically early July overcast with ceilings about 1800 and about 60 degs.

Words cant describe on how wonderful it flies thats all I could talk about to a few of my flying buddies. The neatest thing I can tell you (and I do not mean to slam Cessna and Piper) but the control of the plane is much like a Beech. I believe you will be able to fly it with your figure tips (for those that were taught to trim and fly like that) Special Thanks to Demo Dave! Pretty slow day as far as the flying, however the usual vendors were in place.

Instead of us extolling the virtues of its flight characteristics, please read and listen to the comments of pilots (who have nothing to do with our company) who have flown the Bearhawk.

Click here to download the Spin Evaluation report Roger Krenzin – chief pilot for the JAARS missionary group.

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