Andrew morley and kassandra clementi dating

Everyone has been touched by cancer one way or another, whether it's themselves, a family member, their partner, a child, a loved one. And you want to make sure everyone understands the gravity of the situation."While Clementi has never met anyone suffering that particular cancer, she has heard lots of stories.

"Whenever you play a character going through something like this, it is surprising how many people come up to you and say, 'Oh, my sister had this'.

In 2009, Clementi appeared in a minor role in Australian/UK feature film The Boys Are Back, with Clive Owen.

On moving back to Australia from Los Angeles, she began filming in late 2012.

Maddy is a teenager who comes to Summer Bay with her boyfriend Spencer Harrington (Andrew Morley) after running away from home.

' It is actually a particular strand of ovarian cancer that only hits girls in their teenage years.

It's definitely as eye-opening as it is realistic," Clementi says."You hate to ever say that getting storylines such as that are exciting, but as an actor you read and go, 'Ok this is a challenge and I want to do it as much justice as possible'.

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