After updating kaspersky

The workaround to install the new version of Windows 10 is to launch the install process manually.

Once you've completed the steps, follow the on-screen directions to upgrade to the latest release of Windows 10.

The only caveat is that that release every other week, and the chances to come across problems during and after the installation are much higher.

Redownload the ISO file and recreate the USB bootable media again.You can use third-party tools to resize the partition and make it larger (at least 500MB).During the installation process of a new update, you may get an error that will prevent Windows Update from installing the latest version.When an unexpected problem is found as your device is trying to download the new feature update using Windows Update, you're likely to see the error 0x80190001.If you see this error message, you can try using the Disk Cleanup tool to delete the temporary installation files and try again, but using the Media Creation Tool is the best option to update to the Fall Creators Update.

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