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The law defines”textual, visual, written, or oral communication” as any communication of any kind, whether electronic or otherwise, made through the use of the United States mail, any private carrier, personal courier, computer online service, Internet service, local bulletin board service, Internet chat room, electronic mail, online messaging service, or personal delivery or contact.

Generally, this offense is seen when an adult sends a text message or an email that contains nude images to a juvenile or the adult sends an email or text message discussing sexual activities to a juvenile.

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For Frequently asked Questions about Recovery from Sexual Assault, click here.

You must be willing to feel and express emotions about what you've gone through in the past and what you will go through in the future.

Whether it is with one other person, a group of people, or on your own, knowing, accepting, and saying how you feel are steps in the right direction.

Many critics believe the aggressiveness of law enforcement officers posing as minors raises questions of entrapment.My oldest is special needs, though you can't tell by looking at him.I am not looking for sex, or to rush into anything.We all function better when our bodies are in top condition.Therefore, those who take better care of themselves, have some key tools to better handle the aftermath of a stressful situation like sexual assault.

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